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This will include fire, health and safety requirements; building by-laws, rules and regulations and environmental impact assessment for example:


  • Facilities/Workers:
    This will include premise/facilities set-up (designation of camps e.g. day camp; residential camp, school break camp, etc; eco-friendly and handicapped friendly; site (office, dormitory, field, and assembly hall specifications); facilities and amenities (clean water tests), food service (food storage and handling and rubbish and effluent disposal); and transportations (vehicle and driver / operator competency); and camp owner/ operator/ manager as well as staff screening (qualifications, insurance coverage, salary, etc).
  • Modules:
    This will include programs and modules offered to ensure education and learning experiences to engender greater awareness for the environment. The module must also include aspects of reducing or eliminating moral decadence, human capital development, national integration and nation building.
  • Trainers:
    Trainers/instructors must be competent, trained, qualified as well as licensed and accredited through a centralized outdoor pursuits training center.
  • Minimal Informations:
    The supply of minimal information for participants of outdoor adventure recreational pursuits activities such as site map; routes; accommodation ; things to bring etc.ransporation