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To make educational environmental adventure and outdoor pursuit a major tourist attraction and a great contributor to the nation’s Eco-Tourism industry.


MyLEAF as a professional and efficient national umbrella society of fellowship of communities of outdoor pursuit professionals, recreational enthusiasts, operators and instructors. We are dedicated to enrich and ennoble the lives of people from all walks of life by promoting environmental awareness.
"MyLEAF also promotes activities and programs with the concept of 'Learning through Experiential Adventure Fellowship" in the friendly natural Malaysian tropical rainforest setting - as this is also an acronym for LEAF in MyLEAF Society.


  • To promote outdoor adventure and recreational activities in Malaysia based on world-class best practice guidelines or standards through the MS /ISO accredited guidelines
  • To promote understanding and interaction among all races in Malaysia and the world through understanding, awareness and outdoor adventure ecotourism
  • Promote awareness, an appreciation and respect for nature
  • To promote Malaysia as a choice destination for outdoor adventure pursuit education and training; as well as eco-tourism to contribute to the growth of Malaysia’s Eco Tourism Industry