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Malaysia is well endowed with rich flora and fauna encompassing natural rainforest. These are our best assets to put the nation on the world’s environmental map.

Many of our national parks are world reknown such as the Endau Rompin National Park; Taman Negara National Park; and the Mulu National Park in Sarawak, which are among the few UNESCO heritage sites throughout the world. Malaysia being a multi cultural country is also blessed with diverse cultural practices. The art of certain ethnic and traditional groups like the Carey Islanders’ carving of spiritual figurines is an example of an acknowledged world heritage arts. Similarly, a stay in the longhouses of the Sarawak natives has become a must for adventurous tourists.

Malaysian Tropical Environmental Adventure & Fellowship Society (MyLEAF) is a registered non-governmental organization in Malaysia. It acts as the national umbrella society for the fellowship of communities of outdoor pursuits professionals, recreational enthutiasts, camp operators and instructors.

MyLEAF is dedicated to enrich the lives of people of all walks of life by promoting environmental awareness. MyLEAF plans to form an ASEAN Tropical Environmental Adventure & Fellowship Society spearheading Organized Outdoor Adventure; Recreational Pursuits and Eco-Tourism Activties as some of the major year round eco tourism event for ASEAN countries.


Endowed with natural resources in our ‘Rainforest to Reef’ tourism assets and attractions, Malaysia must optimized these sector of the educational; research; training and eco-tourism industries.

Since its inception - apart from the active on-going participation and commitment for the development of the ISO and national level best practice guidelines - MyLEAF has conducted several training programs for outdoor adventure recreational activity trainers to create greater awareness about the need for best practice guidelines in the management and organization of outdoor pursuits programs.

These include imparting the vital requirement for elements of: camp and resort risk management; instructor competency; safe educational and impactful modules and minimal information for participants.

These dynamic elements are generally aimed at engendering best practices standards operation procedures for the safe, clean and environmentally friendly outdoor adventure activities.

They are also specifically aimed at creating an internationally-accepted standard for the management and organization of such outdoor pursuit activities with integrity and credibility. At the same time, they are also meant to propagate Malaysians as a knowledgeable society, in line with the national aspirations to create Malaysia as a higher income country through upgrading of the eco-tourism industry and the skills; knowledge; competency and credibility of related industry players.