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The successfully attract inbound campers / foreign tourists to make Malaysia their choice destination for eco-adventure and experience, is highly dependent on MyLEAF’s ability to provide sufficient activities and facilities. Assurance of cleanliness, safety compliance etc. of international standards is paramount. MyLEAF is the submitter for an ISO Outdoor Adventure Eco-Tourism Standards which its draft is now in the final stages before take-up domestically.

Concurrently, MyLEAF is a member of the working committee formed by the Department of Standards Malaysia to formulate the Malaysian outdoor pursuit standards covering practices and procedures for local operators to comply as requirement to be registered with MyLEAF and / or accredited by the regulatory body and henceforth eligible to participate in the society’s activities.

The Malaysian outdoor adventure eco-tourism pursuit standards will address adherence to compulsory statutory rules, regulation, laws and by-laws at Federal, State, and Local Authority levels and the obligatory compliance to set rules and regulations meaning self-regulatory for best practices to be eligible for accreditation.


This will include fire, health and safety requirements; building by-laws, rules and regulations and environmental impact assessment for example:


  • Facilities/Workers:
    This will include premise/facilities set-up (designation of camps e.g. day camp; residential camp, school break camp, etc; eco-friendly and handicapped friendly; site (office, dormitory, field, and assembly hall specifications); facilities and amenities (clean water tests), food service (food storage and handling and rubbish and effluent disposal); and transportations (vehicle and driver / operator competency); and camp owner/ operator/ manager as well as staff screening (qualifications, insurance coverage, salary, etc).
  • Modules:
    This will include programs and modules offered to ensure education and learning experiences to engender greater awareness for the environment. The module must also include aspects of reducing or eliminating moral decadence, human capital development, national integration and nation building.
  • Trainers:
    Trainers/instructors must be competent, trained, qualified as well as licensed and accredited through a centralized outdoor pursuits training center.
  • Minimal Informations:
    The supply of minimal information for participants of outdoor adventure recreational pursuits activities such as site map; routes; accommodation ; things to bring etc.ransporation

About MyLEAF

MyLEAF was registered in 2007 as a National level NGO to tackle specific needs in areas related to eco-adventure and recreational activities. Encompassing awareness creation and standards compliance, MyLEAF is focused on the tropical rainforest as a national asset as a tourism, education, research and training related resources within this highly diversified bio-ecosystem.

In 2008, MyLEAF submitted a “New Work Item Proposal” (NIWP) on Eco-Adventure Tourism and Recreational Standards to the Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM). The NIWP was subsequently forwarded to the International Standards Organization (ISO) and had been accepted and approved as a draft for a new standard to be used internationally. The draft of this new ISO/TC 228 WG7 standard is now in its final drafting before public take-up worldwide. A national level Malaysian Standard (MS) version is also at a similar stage of establishment.

The initiatives, research, diligence, passion and commitment by MyLEAF members have been duly recognized by DSM in the form of a three-year ‘Smart Partnership’ memorandum of understanding agreement.

Under the MOU, MyLEAF is appointed the authorized, promoter and supporting organization for implementing efforts for the take-up; and certification body for this MS best practice guidelines nationwide.

MyLEAF also envisions establishing the platform for Eco-Adventure and Recreational based activity and organizations to be certified under the best practice guidelines through accredited standards recognized worldwide. To provide accreditation and continued affiliation through established structures for these organization by means of proactive governance.


MyLEAF provides impetus to spur Eco-Tourism activities - and the take-up for the new Outdoor Adventure Eco-Tourism Standard - as the additional engine of growth for the nation. MyLEAF, as a government friendly NGO will work hand in hand with the relevant ministries and government bodies to translate this into reality.

While every members of MyLEAF and its affiliated bodies within and outside the country undeniably play a very critical role, the success of MyLEAF in fulfilling its vision, mission and objectives depends heavily on the strong support and political will of the Government to make the agenda of MyLEAF a national agenda of high priority. The support from the Government is therefore of paramount importance to translate the vision initiated by MyLEAF to make educational environmental adventure, and recreational pursuit of international standards, a major tourist attraction and a great contributor to nation’s Eco-Tourism industry.



Chairman   :   Encik Azmi Nashriby Bin Abu Zahar
Vice Chairman   :   Encik Granda Aing
Secretary General   : Encik Kamal Bin Muhamad Radzi
Treasurer   : Puan Puteri Zalina Binti Megat Baharuddin





Committee Members

Encik Sylvestior Jantan
Puan Nuriah Manap
Puan Nur Farrita Kamaruddin
Sarawak Representative
Sabah Representative