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MyLEAF provides impetus to spur Eco-Tourism activities - and the take-up for the new Outdoor Adventure Eco-Tourism Standard - as the additional engine of growth for the nation. MyLEAF, as a government friendly NGO will work hand in hand with the relevant ministries and government bodies to translate this into reality.

While every members of MyLEAF and its affiliated bodies within and outside the country undeniably play a very critical role, the success of MyLEAF in fulfilling its vision, mission and objectives depends heavily on the strong support and political will of the Government to make the agenda of MyLEAF a national agenda of high priority. The support from the Government is therefore of paramount importance to translate the vision initiated by MyLEAF to make educational environmental adventure, and recreational pursuit of international standards, a major tourist attraction and a great contributor to nation’s Eco-Tourism industry.