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The successfully attract inbound campers / foreign tourists to make Malaysia their choice destination for eco-adventure and experience, is highly dependent on MyLEAF’s ability to provide sufficient activities and facilities. Assurance of cleanliness, safety compliance etc. of international standards is paramount. MyLEAF is the submitter for an ISO Outdoor Adventure Eco-Tourism Standards which its draft is now in the final stages before take-up domestically.

Concurrently, MyLEAF is a member of the working committee formed by the Department of Standards Malaysia to formulate the Malaysian outdoor pursuit standards covering practices and procedures for local operators to comply as requirement to be registered with MyLEAF and / or accredited by the regulatory body and henceforth eligible to participate in the society’s activities.

The Malaysian outdoor adventure eco-tourism pursuit standards will address adherence to compulsory statutory rules, regulation, laws and by-laws at Federal, State, and Local Authority levels and the obligatory compliance to set rules and regulations meaning self-regulatory for best practices to be eligible for accreditation.